Journey to Mindfulness

Hey mama’s, I’m Tia, owner of Juicebox Apparel. I felt compelled to share my story and it is my hope that you find comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone on this motherhood journey. We always hear that it takes a village to raise a child. In order for children to grow and flourish, they need constant support, love, guidance and encouragement among other things. I believe the same support is needed for mothers. No one starts out knowing exactly what to do when it comes to being a parent and although becoming a parent is a blessing in itself, it is the absolute hardest job EVER! There are days where you are just down right exhausted thinking back to the times before children when life seemed a little less complicated. That was me so many days and I felt like a bad parent for even having those thoughts. But guess what, it is completely normal to have those thoughts. I never realized how much you put yourself last over and over again for the sake of your children. I mean, I find myself doing things that I absolutely don’t like to do because I know it will make my kids happy like playing in the cold a**!! 

Slowly but surely, I became exhausted, frustrated and filled with anxiety. I felt alone… really alone. I love my kids and would do anything for them but sometimes I just didn’t want to do ANYTHING. Like, leave me alone for a few so I can just think...or not think but leave me alone. As a result, “mommy breaks” emerged! I knew that being a mother and educator, I needed opportunities to recharge myself or all hell was going to break loose. After maintaining my cool and being a “star” all day at work, my patience was literally on thin ice by the time I came home with my own kids. Mommy breaks allow me the chance to relax by myself or with my hunny but the kids are not allowed to bother me unless there is an emergency. We talk about the importance of mommy breaks and how sometimes we just need time alone. They respect my space and sometimes suggest that I take a break when they see I’m running low on patience! I love it because it shows me that they understand that it has nothing to do with them but a way for me to practice self-care so that I can be the mommy that they need. 

Fast forward to a year ago, I started my mindfulness journey and began to focus more on ME so that I can become the best version of myself. I started spending time alone, meditating daily which really helped to calm my mind and manage my emotions. It’s so hard to balance everything, everyday but even harder when there is an imbalance in my mind. When I started this journey, I thought, “Okay, I’m going to learn how to remain calm and help my children become better listeners”. What I didn’t know is that this would be a significant life-changing shift that would lead me to become connected with other like-minded women. One day I was browsing Facebook looking for new ways to engage with my audience and boost my sales when I came across Cosette Remund from Lady Mind Boss. At the time, she was offering a free 30 minute phone consultation to see how she could help others become more successful in their businesses. During this phone call I immediately felt like I had known this person forever. She just got me and she had no problem calling me out on my limited beliefs. Beliefs that I didn’t even know I had until she pointed them out. It all made sense to me now. I was in the way of my own happiness. I had been operating out of fear and doubt for as long as I can remember and I never realized it. In that short conversation, I learned to believe in myself in ways that I never have.

It felt amazing and of course I wanted to work with her but anyone with this much skill and passion had to be way out of my budget! She was but I didn’t let that stop me. I focused on the gems she dropped on me during our conversation that day and guess what??.... a few weeks later, she was offering a 25 day challenge to manifest $1000 which fit comfortably in my budget. I was so excited and then guess who shows up? Doubt, of course...trying to rationalize why I shouldn’t invest in myself. Thanks to Cosette, I knew it was nothing but fear, limiting my thoughts and making me feel like I shouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity presented to me. I felt like somehow she knew this was just what I needed and created a training specifically for me. She also told me to learn to listen to the signs the universe were sending to guide me on my journey. I went with my initial feelings of happiness and excitement and joined the challenge. I am so glad that I did! By the end of the challenge, I manifested at least $1300. Initially, I thought somehow, someway I would gain a minimum of $1000 of physical money. Throughout the challenge, I learned that the ways in which you manifest money can be done in the most unexpected ways. I manifested a highly discounted family membership, free meals, gift cards, reimbursement of auto deductible and more during this time and it absolutely blew my mind! 

I am now able to visualize the desires of my heart, feel the emotions connected to it as if it were actually happening now, do the inspired action and then set it and forget it. The things that are happening in my life now are a result of setting an intention and then trusting that it is going to happen. If you have the desire to live the life you’ve always wanted then I would definitely chat with Cosette and see what limited beliefs are holding you back! She’s actually about to launch a new training program for online coaches to start landing their dream clients and here’s the kicker….if you use my name TIA….you get $100 off! Why wait…the time is NOW!! Don’t waste your time holding on to limited beliefs. As Cosette would say, “get out of your head” and live your dream life!! For more information on how you can level up in life and here Experience the Sell-Lady Mind Boss

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