About Us


My name is Tia and I encourage women to embrace motherhood so they can dare to be bold and proud of the mother that they are and who they will become. I am a proud momma of two perfect little angels (a bit of an exaggeration) who did exactly what my momma said they were going to do and that’s “give me a taste of my own medicine"...attitude and all! Needless to say, they definitely keep me on my toes but I am absolutely obsessed with them! 

At some point after becoming a mother, I lost myself. I was so focused on being the best mom that I could be and everything revolved around my children. I’m not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but before I became a mother, I was a woman first. I was unsure of my passion and what exactly I wanted to do with my life. My children helped me uncover my passion and I’ve discovered my love for writing and sharing my story. I was a mother who was tired of the day to day responsibilities and feeling like there is always more things to do than time to do it. I didn’t want to spend my life working to make someone else’s dreams come true without focusing on my own. Juicebox Apparel is a reminder that moms can be amazing for their children and focus on their dreams at the same time. It is my dream to replace my traditional job and make money doing what I love while encouraging other moms along the way. Parenting is hard but you don’t have to do it alone. Juicebox Apparel recognizes the struggle in the blessing and our t-shirts represents just that.

I am doing this because our biggest failures in life are the opportunities we were afraid to take. For so long, I have put things off waiting for the “perfect” opportunity or waiting for my finances to be better but really I was just scared. How can I teach my daughters to reach for the stars if I am afraid to lead them? Life is about taking risks. I felt in my spirit that I had something to share with other mothers and caregivers and I wanted to do it in a way that was authentic and representative to who I am. I am a fun, energetic, caring, sarcastic, potty mouth momma who loves to do arts and crafts with my babies, create amazing memories and drink coffee!!!

Juicebox Apparel encourages women to embrace motherhood and all of the good, bad and in between that comes with it through dope t-shirts for the everyday mama so they can proudly share this journey with the world.