Band for band

I am a young entrepreneur who loves to make bracelets! I am hardworking, and will make your bracelets as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy me and continue to support my small business!

I try to make the bracelets a little bigger so it won’t be to tight, but if you want it a little tighter then please message!

For fishtail/reverse fishtail bracelets there is a minimum of 3 colors 

For bead bracelets, don’t forget to tell me what color beads you want as well.

Juicebox Apparel

Spring collection

Juicebox Apparel

5 for 5

Juicebox Apparel

Customized normal bracelet

Juicebox Apparel

Customized beaded bracelet

Juicebox Apparel

Customized fishtail

Juicebox Apparel

Customized reverted fishtail bracelet