Proud Momma

My daughter attends the school that I work at because I just want to be around her all day! Lol. It’s convenient and with everything that is happening in the world, I feel better knowing that she is right here with me. Anyway, she has become quite popular around the school with several staff filling her up with love and snacks of course! The other day, she came to my classroom with a bag of snacks and I was was about to fuss at her for taking more than she needed but what she said next..shut me up!! She told me that the bag of snacks were for the homeless people we see throughout our daily travels so that she could provide at least a snack. What y'all?! I was soooooo PROUD!!!

I mean, this is the same 8 year old that literally cries whenever she sees a homeless person and even more so when we have nothing to offer. As I try to console her, I remind her that we can’t help everyone but that we can only do what we can when we can do it. Although, she understands, that isn’t exactly what she wants to hear. It is moments like these that I just want to share with the world! It is so hard to be a parent today. Even harder to raise a compassionate, kind and caring individual when everyone doesn’t have the same values. I often struggle with the idea that I could be a better mom and that in some ways I am failing my children. If only in my head! But then, when I see my girl’s heart….I am reminded that I am doing something right. Although, I wish I could take all of the credit, I can’t!

My girls have watched their dad and I help countless homeless people over the years and have even adopted a couple that we frequently see. We modeled how to be compassionate and help others even when others turn the other way. I’ve always heard parents say that they want their children to grow up to be better versions of themselves and now it all makes sense. In some ways, I think she’s already got me beat in some areas and challenges me to be an even better person. How could I raise such an amazing little girl?! I’ve realized that I’ve become that mom who is constantly talking about their children and showing off pictures and sometimes I wonder if people get tired of me!! Then I remember that it doesn’t matter if people are tired of it and they have the choice to listen or not listen! Lol. Not to be rude but I will  always be my children’s biggest cheerleader and I will talk about them now and forever! Sometimes, I feel like I’m bragging but I’m not really a bragger. My girl is gonna change the world one day and I am just a PROUD mama who can’t keep it to herself!

In what ways have your kiddos made you proud or challenged you to be a better person?

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